B&C Engagement

The story of how I came to meet Bridget and Cell is simply fate. One typical cold and cloudy Pittsburgh day, my parents and I headed down to Shady Side so my mom could get her hair cut. My dad and I noticed a little furniture shop on the corner, called Second Chance Furniture (http://secondchancehomefurnishings.com) and decided to stop in while we were waiting. After gushing over all the amazing pieces they had, we started chatting with the owner. She told me about her daughter who was getting married soon. I of course had to ask if she had a photographer yet, which she didn't! I gave her my card and a few weeks later I was sitting in a coffee shop with Bridget and Cell going over wedding plans! Bridget is one of those people who you feel like you've known for your entire life. Her sweet smile, artistic eye, and witty sense of humor is irresistable. We immediately bonded over our nerdy love of Disney, books, and appreciation for all this beautiful. Cell is the epitome of a classic gentleman, effortlessly dapper, and overtly astute. They both were adamant that they were not naturally photogenic, but as you can see, I beg to differ.